Ronald Regan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” This is true because freedom is not the default, natural state of man. It has been won and constituted by previous generations, but it is always the responsibility of the present generation to sustain freedom by ensuring that the next generation appreciates and is able to care for it.

The main way we fulfill this responsibility is by educating our children. But whether their education results in freedom being sustained by future generations depends on how they are educated. Every society educates its children, but whether this is for liberty or for bondage depends on the manner in which we educate.

Thus, we need to critically examine how we are educating children, for this endeavor, perhaps more than anything else, determines our nation’s “capacity for self-renewal.” As a professional educator, with public, private, and home school teaching experience, I have grave concerns about how we are educating our children, and see many trends in education as undermining our responsibility for preserving freedom for future generations. I hope this site will do at least three things: 1) Bring to light these concerns for a larger audience; 2) Connect me with others who share these concerns and wish to act on them; and 3) Develop and promulgate solutions to these problems with like-minded people.

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